Sunday, May 22, 2011

A gift, worthy of the gods

What is this humble man pulling out of the machine?
Why, the meal of the Gods of course!
Smashed cocoa beans, mixed with sugar, spices and lots of everything nice! This is an example of a made to order mix.

 This is the store selling Mayordomo Chocolate, comes in various flavors, and if you want, just plain chocolate (warning, much bitter than the rest) they have that too. This are crusty and breakable chocolate bricks or pastes, prepared to dissolve in water, milk, whatever you fancy. And they sell like crazy, all day busy, everyone grabbing boxes, or asking for a custom made kilo or two of chocolate just the way they like it.

 The employees giving out samples were like priests from ancient deities, showing you the power of the gods with simple spoon filled chocolate mixes.
Wondering for what flavors you could ask in your mix? Photo here shows the free samples for nut, vanilla and  cinnamon. Samples alone were finger licking good(literally, stuff melts too easily). Brought back like two boxes, and they are the best for a good morning wake-up, cold or tired evenings.


  1. Mmmm I love this stuff, I regularly by raw cacao beans and roast them myself. The skins peel of easily and they taste lovely. So good for you as well. Sometimes I grind them up in to a powder and add it to cakes, give a nice bitter taste to them.

  2. Sounds awesome! and to answer your question I'd try the Vanilla =)

  3. Holy Chocolate! We did die from the rapture. lol

  4. I suddenly have the urge to eat chocolate. :P
    nice blog. +followed. :)

  5. I wanna taste those samples! Looks great

  6. sounds like it tastes amazing

  7. looks awful but it probably tastes awesome, gimme XD