Saturday, May 28, 2011

Plaza de la Danza, Church of la Soledad.

Both Plaza de la Danza, and Church of la Soledad are quite visible from the street. Hard to miss such a church and patio.

Just before going down to the church, there was the Escuela de Bellas Artes (School of Arts) Benito Juarez.
 And to promote tourism, the spots with historical importance have had this post nearby. Since 2010, people are able to call or send a text to get historical details as to the place they are currently visiting. I didn't really use the service, but I believe it was only for Mexican cellphones.
The church of la Soledad just before going down the stairs.
And here one can see the Centro Historico(Historical Center), and the School of Arts together.
Pictures of the church aren't that great, since one cannot use flash inside most of the buildings.

Since the visit was on Palm week, there were always people at churches; but since Mexico is a very religious country, it would still not be strange to see people in church during the week.

An incomplete picture of the arch from the entrance. I guess I could not help thinking back to Lord of the Rings.