Sunday, May 29, 2011

Temple of San Felipe Neri

I was told that there is a religious tradition I believe for the Thursday on Palm week to walk to 7 churches. A tradition born in Rome, in which people walk and meditate-pray. This is a tradition hard to keep in newer cities, in which seven churches might be miles away, or small towns where there might not be enough. I unfortunately arrived on Friday that week, so I missed this tradition. It would have been a piece of cake, since there's at least around one church every 3 blocks. Easy to keep the old ways in places like these.

Also, a guide mentioned when we were visiting ruins, that the biggest and most beautiful buildings were those in which they honored their gods. He paused and said, "Well, it's no different from our days. The most beautiful and decorated buildings are still the churches." Talk about evolving as a society. Anyway, they are still in all honesty, truly majestic and beautiful.
And a little something extra. I kept seeing this decoration all around buildings and churches, and thought it was a curious thing for everyone to have a similar thing. I thought the provider sure knew how to do profit for religious weeks. It was until days later, that someone opened my eyes, and told me it was a beautifully cheap decoration: sauteed onions from a grill. Once they gained that yellow color, they peel off by layers and weave them together and just add the purple fabric. My mind was blown.

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